Corporate Information
Substantial Shareholder: JIANG Tian (55.98%) (Note)
Board of Directors: JIANG Tian (Chairman of the Board and Executive Director)
HOU Yingxuan (Chief Executive and Executive Director)
GONG Biao (Vice-President and Executive Director)
Company Secretary: HO Wing Yan
Principal Office: Room 1512, 15/F, New World Tower 1, 16-18 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Place of Incorporation: Hong Kong
Share Registrar: Union Registrars Limited
Telephone No.: 2167-3333
Fax No.: 2167-6333
Note: Mr. JIANG Tian is deemed to be interested in 193,338,577 shares, among which 187,176,577 shares are held by Hopevision Group Ltd. and 6,162,000 shares are held in his own capacity. Hopevision Group Ltd. is indirectly wholly owned by Shanghai Chongsheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. which in turn is owned as to 99% by Mr. JIANG Tian and 1% by Mr. GONG Biao, an executive director.